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Who is Doon Logistics?

We are Doon Logistics, your smart business partner and reliable logistics service provider across all 48 contiguous states and Canada. If you are shippers or carriers, we have good business deals for you. If you need shippers or carriers, we have the opportunity to serve you with our value deals.

Doon Logistics definitely marks a new era in the history of leading organizations. We are a professional state of art third-party logistics company for the ever-evolving needs of clients. In fact, our growth is a direct result of providing complete customer satisfaction to our clients.

It is simply very hard to find a fair priced, safe service. Doon Logistics does that for you by hiring the best available and analyzing them on selected parameters. We perform our tasks very professionally and always look for creative ways to improvise when needed. We bring you the optimal freight solutions, so as to save your time and money.

We continually strive to be the best-known brokers in today’s logistics industry. If you have logistics needs, give us a call and let us show you why!

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